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Noise Risk Calculator

About Your Lifestyle

Let's take a look at your typical leisure and work activities. Depending on your lifestyle, this might take a little while, but the more information you provide, the more accurate your result will be!

The risk calculator is primarily aimed at older teens/adults, so it includes leisure activities most common to these age groups. You will probably find that it contains some activities that don't really apply to you, or it might leave out some activities that you wish were included.

It's not a big problem, but it means that the risk calculator won't be as relevant for people your age. You are still more than welcome to complete the calculator but just keep in mind that you may find it more useful when you're older.

Thanks. We've listed some typical lifestyle activities in 6 groups:

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Going Out
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Sports Activities
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At Home
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Power Tools
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First, let's start with your leisure time.

Consider each leisure activity and tell us how often you participate. Don't include activities you did as part of paid work - we look at work activities afterwards.

1.Your lifestyle - Going Out

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For each activity, hit the button that best describes how often you typically go out to that kind of place / event.

  More than once a week About once a week About once a fortnight About once a month About once every 2-3 months About once or twice a year Never
Dance club or nightclub
Pop/rock concert at a large venue (eg stadium, entertainment centre)
Live gig or music performance at a smaller venue
Outdoor music festival (eg Big Day Out, Future Music)
Pub, bar or club with background noise (eg loud conversation, music)
Party or dance with amplified music (eg DJ, home stereo)