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Hearing Resources

Hearing Resources

There’s a wealth of knowledge out there about hearing, how it works and how to protect it. To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a collection of top-class websites, apps and podcasts for you to explore, whether you’re a student, a teacher, or the owner of an inquisitive mind! 

How does hearing work?

> Check out this animation from Med-el.

> This podcast from Queensland Health takes you through the ins and outs of the ear - you'll find out what it's like to experience hearing loss, why it makes you tired, and why kids with hearing loss don't do small talk! 

How does noise damage our hearing?

> This video explains everything you need to know.

What does hearing loss really sound like?

> Listen to NAL’s hearing loss simulations to help understand the experience of hearing loss.

Hearing loss and tinnitus can really impact enjoyment of music 

> Listen to this to appreciate what music sounds like when your ears have been damaged by noise.

Play it Down

> Try the Play it Down app to 'auto-old' your own music. Choose a song from your library and find out how it sounds to someone with older ears. You can also try the 'ear knob' to test your high-frequency hearing and use the 'volume zone' to measure noise levels.

What’s That Sound?

> This interactive game is a great way to show younger kids how hearing loss would affect the way their world sounds.

Understanding hearing, hearing loss, and how technology can help 

> Explore the interactive ear to gain a better understanding of hearing, hearing loss, and hearing devices.

Hear 4 Tomorrow

> Developed by an expert team of teachers and hearing researchers,  this school-based teaching program equips young people with the knowledge and skills they need to look after their hearing, now and forever.

What type of hearing protector should I choose?

> From earplugs to earmuffs, there is a form of hearing protector to suit everybody and every situation: Check out this guide by HEARsmart.