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Noise Apps

Noise Apps

Not sure which venues are too loud? Want to make informed decisions about when to stay and when to go? If you don’t know your decibels from your decimals, then there’s a bunch of apps on the market that can help. Noise researchers from the US have identified a number of apps that are accurate and reliable. If you want to know the technical details, you can read more here and here

> SoundMeter


> Noise Hunter


Or try Play it Down - an app with with three noise-related features. Users can 'auto-old' their own music: choose a song from your library and find out how it sounds to someone with older ears. You can also try the 'ear knob' to test your high-frequency hearing and use the 'volume zone' to measure noise levels.

Play It Down

Check out this new initiative from the UK which recently piqued our interest: HEARangel. It's a new app that monitors your headphone listening and lets you know if you're getting close to your daily noise dose. 


NAL has developed a new sound level meter app - its simple interface measures your noise exposure and estimates how long you can stay in your environment before you reach your maximum noise exposure limit.